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Web Ads

  • Web ads run for a duration of 60 days
  • Web ads include up to 1000 characters of text

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can I edit my ad after placement?

    A: Web ads can be edited at any time during the life of the ad.

  2. Q: Do I have to pay by credit card?

    A: Our payment process is secure and encrypted for your security; if you wish to pay by check instead you may do so.
    Make Check Payable to:
    MPA Media
    3080 S Harbor
    Santa Ana, CA 92704

  3. Q: Can I add photos to my ad?

    A: Web ads include two photos with captions. They must be in JPEG or GIF format.

  4. Q: What do the numbers after each category or state in the search and browse menus mean?

    A: These numbers represent the number of ads in each category or state.

  5. Q: If my question is not anwered on this page, who can I contact for more help?

    A: If you still have questions, please contact our classifieds department at 800-324-7758 or